petite tenue: mobile vintage pop-up shop


Alexandra Archibald is a Pisces and Professional Daydreamer.

Growing up on a Virginia farm with 3 sisters, she learned early on that she likes to tell a story. An obsession with books, films, and records led to persuading her sisters to let her dress them up as characters and photograph them. It was only a natural progression for her to then follow the path of hair and wardrobe stylist. She works well in collaboration with other artists to tell a story, but is constantly educating herself to fulfill all aspects of the image making world in order to tell a story that is most true to her. petite tenue began as a blog to serve as a creative outlet to tell her story through 35mm film self portraits.

The petite tenue vintage shop was an obvious next step, as a love for finding and featuring vintage apparel demanded it be taken seriously as an addition to the brand.

Alexandra can be found on the road with her mobile vintage store inside a renovated 1972 Airstream trailer.